Bags n Baskets April 21 2013

Dear friends,

After a long winter of being out of touch, we've got some great news! We will be launching the Beacon Bag and Beacon Basket this spring. Check the webstore for information, photos and the presale.

We will keep you updated on our progress!


Launch Party August 01 2012

 A ton of awesome people came out to The Mascot last Thursday to celebrate our launch. Huge thanks to Curbside Cycle, Bikes on Wheels and The Mascot boys for an awesome night. We'll keep the photos coming as they trickle in.

Kickstarter Deliveries July 31 2012

Believe it. 

Kickstarter rewards were shipped today amidst a thunderstorm, bubble mailers and angry post office employees. 

Keep an eye on the mailman all you internet fiends, your lights are on route.